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Surprize Ball - Bright
  • Surprize Ball - Bright

    SKU: 51000

    What's a 'Surprize Ball'?!?!?! - It's a surprise.......


    Note this is for ONE surprise ball.


    I like to explain it as a cross between a 'christmas cracker, lucky dip and pass the parcel'.

    5 presents/prizes are to be uncovered as you unwind this gorgeous ball of crepe paper ribbon.


    The best surprise for anyone - covers all bases.


    Fun for kids (3 years and older) and adults.


    The (sur)prizes may include gemstone or crystal, vintage-inspired toy, charm, sweet/lolly, crown, temporary tattoo, confetti popper, your good fortune and more.


    Red, orange, purple, yellow, green, blue. - Colour sent at random. If you are after a particular colour(s) please make a note when you order

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