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The Shop

Gather for a gander, petals. 

Geranium has opened on Halifax St, bringing wonder from around the world and offering a new inner-city shopping experience for purveyors of the playfully cute and different.

In short, you’ll be smitten.

76 Halifax Street, Adelaide SA 5000

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‘My favourite thing to do is ‘shop for the shop’. We have some stunning and special gift and homewares stores in our city, so I needed to bring something we didn’t already have - we're all about redefining the ordinary with the extraordinary.

I love how Geraniums are seen everywhere from Nona’s Garden in the suburbs to the planter boxes adorning the windows of Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris. I feel like that is what this shop is about - there is comfort, there is fun, there is luxury - there is something for everyone. It is certainly my happy space and I hope it can become everyone else’s as well.’

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