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Kimberlee Brown

The Geranium Story.

My sister Ainslie and I used to clean out the kitchen pantry and stack the soup cans, spice jars, cereal boxes and bags of pasta and rice around the edge of the kitchen table. I'd price everything with a texta and stand at my make shift counter (kitchen stool), making Ains shop our supermarket over and over again (she would have collected an impressive number of rewards points if it was a thing in the mid 80's). I was always the shopkeeper.

I think I was 11 (!?) when I got the call up to work at Saltbush Clothing Company by Elspeth Radford in Burra, the small South Australian Mid North country town I grew up in. Think RM Williams for kids, I continued to work in my school holidays when I returned home from boarding school. My family moves to Adelaide and I work Friday nights and weekends at RM Williams during Year 12 and my first years at university.

I create a blog. Brown Button. Sharing my favourite finds, in particular in relation to interior design. This is pre social media. I launch an online shop, Brown Button Trading. This runs its course and I  open a costume jewellery store, again online, Pop Rock Park. The commitment to my day job and career in finance sees the side businesses ebb and flow.

Late 2022 I take a huge leap of faith and go out on my own to work for myself professionally full time. Quick Brown Fox Finance is born and I think maybe, just maybe, I can find a space to run all of my businesses. And wouldn't it be incredible if it included a gift and homewares shop as well.

76 Halifax Street Adelaide has provided the perfect space to live out this little dream. It is my happy place. I hope it provides you some happiness as well.


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